Who we are?

PoliStuds ,

+ IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE POLITECNICO DI MILANO. (See here to find official websites and useful links)

+ Is totally FREE.

+ Is a group of Politecnico di Milano current or former Students.

+ Is independent and it is not related to any groups, companies, organizations or …

Our Aim:

Help students to access their needs; Easily, Fast and Free; Therefore they can put their valuable time on study and do more important things.


PoliStuds try to “facilitate Polimi Students problems”.


From the beginning of creating this website, we have tried to use our experiences as former Polimi students. If you check out the website, it has four main parts related to the most needs of students during their studies.

1-Poli Studs:  Having a complete archive of programs and courses
2-Poli Studs IEL:  Learning Italian which is one of the most needs of students.
3-Poli Places:  Finding accommodation is one of the main concern of students.
4-Poli Markets:  Buy and sell stuff, mostly second hand like books or anything that you only need during your stay.

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PRIVATE & UNLIMITED storage for each member!!


Find your program, add it to your list, then you can upload/download course materials, previous exam samples and discuss with your friends (We will add all programs in near future).


There are some main groups such as “Accommodation” & “Second Hand Shop” which are located in the main menu of website, But you can make as many as you want!


With university calendar you will not miss any important events. We take care of everything.


Make an event for your birthday, your graduate day or whatever you like and make it public to all Polimi Students.


Search or add accommodations. You may want to add your house to find a roommate.

Polimi Residence

Here you can find all the residences provided by Politecnico di Milano. You can rate them and write comment.


All restaurants and supermarkets which accept Mensa card are listed and geolocated on map. You can easily find them and see their rates and comments by other users.


You can add or search for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars and etc. directly on map.

Poli Markets

Here you sell or buy, new/second hand stuffs. You can directly contact to the sellers and finalize your shop

Poli Studs IEL

Here you can learn Italian language. Reading simple and short stories in Italian and improve your daily conversation skills in italian