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    The video for FALLOUT Boy’s Where Did The Party Go premiered and the very first thing I want to mention may be the fact that the video is merely titled as "FALLOUT Boy – Where Did The Party Go" on YouTube and does not have "part 7 of 11", I’m just wondering if there is a reason for this. Maybe this is one of those things that will make sense later. I must say i wasn’t expecting this. I was expecting this music, I just wasn’t expecting this to happen in the video but I’ll get to what happened in a minute. When a new music video from Fall Out Boy’s album Save Rock and Roll is released I write a Blog entry analysing it, There’s a continuing story called the Young Blood Chronicles and I’ve written Blog entries for every of them. If you look back again at the previous blog entries so as to some interesting factors are made in the comments therefore be sure to go through the comments, any way someone in the comments going back video predicted this song so done well to him.
    This video begins where in fact the last video left off with Foxes turning on the tape, Patrick Stumps eye turning Yellow and he continues on to chasing the rest of the band into Linda Vista hospital. As the music starts we have been given a short montage of specific medical center shots like an oxygen tank, a tap plus some x-rays of ft before moving on to a disco ball spinning, the band name and tune title are shown in pink typography.
    This pieces the scene for the video which is subsequently in a hospital and the disco ball hints to the track title, again the problem clearly appears to be a setup because they revealed the name of the hospital to become "Linda Vista Community Hospital" which in the event that you appear it up is definitely a hospital that’s no longer used and is known for paranormal actions and is used as a set for films and music videos and also if you didn’t know the history you can clearly see that a healthcare facility is empty (various other wise there would be people working, going to or keeping there.) but also for some reason there are x-ray photo’s, the power is switched on, the entranceway is open and there’s still equipment and there are wheel chair and beds lying around so someone wanted them to get rid of up there. Andy, Joe and Pete tell you the hospital reception and into a corridor with blinking lights looking for a room to cover in , the trio start banging on the entranceway so that they can get into the rooms.
    In this Scene there are 2 things that stole my interest, 1 being the clock spray painted on the wall. The "clock" includes a musical notice in the center with a series through it. I am thinking about this may this mean there is "no time for music"? Kidnapping, using and killing musicians. So far we’ve seen 2 Chainz, Fall Out Boy, Big Sean and Foxes and we’re yet to see Courtney Love and Elton John therefore maybe the idea that Courtney may be the baddie behind this incorrect? And if tidal music is evil why would a musician "haven’t any time for music"? Or why would anyone wish to kidnap, make use of and eliminate people?
    Another thing We observed was that the band had been trying to get into different rooms a few of the doorways were locked plus some where open which makes me think that who ever is usually behind this desired them to go into certain rooms like maybe there is something in these rooms that could be utilized to kill them or they are to block escape routes, The thing that I don’t think when to the antagonists plan was when Big Sean escaped, killed the creepy little boy and switched Patrick’s tape off in The Mighty Fall. As Patrick walks through he is able to visit a slickly looking girl at the desk sitting in a golden spotlight in a darkened area, when in reality the room is rather bright with blue lighting and there is no one at the desk. The different lighting probably shows that he hallucinating. Joe find an operating Theatre with X-rays of foot on the wall , Andy finds what looks like a store room and Pete appears to find what appears like either a check up room or another store room.