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    You can find directions online or you could check at your local craft or yarn store. Many times these types of stores will hold classes. You might also find a friend who knows how to crochet. She will most likely be willing to teach you how.

    Quilting your blanket: Place your quilt top on your backing trying to make sure that the seam (that you ironed open) are laying open on your backing. Place safety pins about 6 inches apart all over the quilt. Then quilt by either the tying or machine quilting method. This will keep your quilt top and quilt backing together.

    Another way to preserve memories is to make a memory quilt. A memory quilt can be a blanket or a wall hanging. You collect items of clothing as your child outgrows them. You cut the clothes into squares of the same size and save your collection until you have enough to make a blanket or wall-hanging. You can also use pieces of blankets or sheets. Be sure you cut a sample that is not worn thin. On blankets and sheets the outside edges are usually in the best shape. For clothing you would avoid the area covering the knees or the seat of the pants.

    dalabshop.com can be done by oneself or enjoyed in a group setting. However you choose, you will find it immensely rewarding. Where your creativity can be expressed in designs and patterns.

    Quilt Blanket Selvedge edges are about one-half inch in width and run the length of the bolt. The writing on the edge varies in font style, color, and amount of coverage. This then becomes the decoration on this strip. The selvedge edge’s size and shape matches another material women used a century ago that was definitely not intended for quilt makers, but instead was a by-product of cigar companies.

    If you have some great family photos or favorite pieces of art, put them center stage with this easy DIY headboard idea. Create the look of a headboard by hanging family photos or artwork on the wall. Choose frames with the same color to create a unified look. If you already have frames, just spray paint them to match. Try all black and white or all sepia toned photos to create a stunning focal point in the room.

    This cute cat has been around for decades, and is just as popular as the first year it was introduced. What makes this cat so adorable? Is it the fact that the cat evokes purity being all white? Is it that the cat has no mouth? Is it the bow in it’s hair? Whatever the reason people of all ages love her. You can find this crazy cat on everything from notebooks to jewelry.