Design and Management of Production Systems

The course deals with the topic of configuration and management of production systems. The first section presents models and techniques concerning the configuration of process plants, job shops and assembly systems. The second section introduces a set of techniques and tools for production planning and control, and material requirements planning. The program is divided in two sections, devoted respectively to the configuration and management of production systems. In the first section, a taxonomy of the most common production system is introduced, together with a model to assess manufacturing performances and operating conditions. Then, the topics of configuration, sizing, buffering of production flow are presented, with a special concern on process industry, manufacturing and assembly systems. In the second section, an introductory review on the production planning and control process is presented; hence, techniques, models and tools are presented devoted to the phases of demand forecasting, aggregate production planning, material requirements planning, stock management and production scheduling. A special issue on Japanese manufacturing technique is also included. (Course held in Engish)

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