Imperfect tense (first-person singular) (30 TinyCards)

Learn imperfect tense in Italian language & remember with TinyCards.

In this post, we put the imperfect form of several verbs in Italian (first-person singular). 

This is a small list to start learning. But do not worry we will update the table in future, so do not forget to recheck it.

If you know more, or if you want to learn specific one, please write it in the comment.

Remember knowing more verbs helps you to improve learning a language faster.

If you want to learn these lesson,

1️⃣ Check the table below and see translations in English,

2️⃣ Then practice them with TinyCards here ?

3️⃣ Read the table below to review what you have learned.

? Practice TinyCards every week to remember.


Read the table below to review what you have learned in this lesson:

Imperfect form of several Italian verbs (first-person singular). 

Verbo Imperfetto (io)
amare amavo
andare andavo
arrivare arrivavo
avere avevo
bere bevevo
capire capivo
dare davo
dire dicevo
dormire dormivo
dovere dovevo
essere ero
fare facevo
finire finivo
leggere leggevo
mangiare mangiavo
mettere mettevo
parlare parlavo
partire partivo
pendere pendevo
piacere piacevo
potere potevo
rimanere rimanevo
sapere sapevo
scrivere scrivevo
stare stavo
uscire uscivo
vedere vedevo
venire venivo
vivere vivevo
volere volevo

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