Animals vocabulary in Italian (29 TinyCards)

Learn animals vocabulary in Italian language & remember with TinyCards.

In this post, we put the animals vocabulary in Italian and their translation into English. 

This is a small list to start learning. But do not worry we will update the table in future, so do not forget to recheck it.

If you know more, or if you want to learn specific one, please write it in the comment.

Remember more vocabulary helps you to improve learning a language faster.

If you want to learn these lesson,

1️⃣ Check the table below and see translations in English,

2️⃣ Then practice them with TinyCards here ?

3️⃣ Read the table below to review what you have learned.

Practice TinyCards every week to remember.

2️⃣&? TinyCards:

1️⃣&3️⃣Read the table below to review what you have learned in this lesson:

Name of several animals in Italian and translations in English.

Gli animali Animals
il cammello camel
il cane dog
il cavallo horse
il cervo deer
il cinghiale wild boar
il coniglio rabbit
il criceto hamster
il delfino dolphin
il gatto cat
il ghepardo cheetah
il leone lion
il lupo wolf
il maiale pig
il montone ram
il pesce fish
il serpente snake
il tacchino turkey
il topo mouse
il toro bull
l’elefante elephant
l’orso bear
l’uccello bird
la farfalla butterfly
la mucca cow
la pecora sheep
la tartaruga turtle
la tigre tiger
lo scoiattolo squirrel

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