Illnesses vocabulary in Italian (15 TinyCards)

In this post, we put the names of illnesses in Italian and their translation into English. 

This is a small list to start learning. But do not worry we will update the table in future, so do not forget to recheck it.

If you know more, or if you want to learn specific one, please write it in the comment.

Remember more vocabulary helps you to improve learning a language faster.

If you want to learn these lesson,

1️⃣ Check the table below and see translations in English,

2️⃣ Then practice them with TinyCards here ?

3️⃣ Read the table below to review what you have learned.

Practice TinyCards every week to remember.

2️⃣ & ? TinyCards:

1️⃣&3️⃣Read the table below to review what you have learned in this lesson:

Name of several illnesses in Italian and translations in English.

La malattia Illness
Il raffreddore Cold
Il vomito Vomit
l'influenza The flu
La diarrea Diarrhea
La febbre The fever
La nausea The nausea
La tosse Cough
Mal di denti Toothache
Mal di gola Sore throat
Mal di orecchio Ear ache
Mal di pancia Stomach ache
Mal di piede Foot pain
Mal di schiena Backache
Mal di testa Headache

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