Fruits vocabulary in Italian (25 TinyCards)

In this post, we put the names of several fruits in Italian and their translation into English. If you know more, please write in the comment.

We will update the table in future, so do not forget to check it again.

In the next post, we will see the names of some Vegetables.

If you want to learn these lesson,

1️⃣ Check the table below and see translations in English,

2️⃣ Then practice them with TinyCards here ?

3️⃣ Read the table below to review what you have learned.

Practice TinyCards every week to remember.

2️⃣&? TinyCards:

1️⃣&3️⃣Read the table below to review what you have learned in this lesson:

Name of several fruits in Italian and translations in English.

Italian English
Albicocca Apricot
Amarena Black Cherry
Ananas Pineapple
Anguria Watermelon
Apple Mela
Arancia Orange
Banana Banana
Ciliegia Cherry
Fico Fig
Fragola Strawberry
Kiwi Kiwi
Lampone Raspberry
Limone Lemon
Mandarin Mandarino
Melagrana Pomegranate
Melone Melon
Mirtillo Blueberry
Nespola Medlar
Noce di Cocco Coconut
Orange Arancia
Pear Pera
Pesca Peach
Pompelmo Grapefruit
Uva Grape

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