Energy Engineering (MSc)

Bovisa Campus  Piacenza Campus  Two Years English Language

Mission and goals

The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme in Energy Engineering has the objective of preparing technicians able to actively follow and influence technological developments, working effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context. Various application sectors can be identified within the programme, such as Production and conversion of different forms of energy, Civil and industrial thermotechnics and the hydrocarbon sector focussed on the oil and gas industry.

In Milano Bovisa Campus the programme foresees a track taught in English. In Piacenza Campus a particular programme delivered in English is available which offers an overall view of the various technical issues related to Renewables and Environmental Sustainability:

Milano Bovisa Campus Track

Energy Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and the management of energy plants and their components in order to ensure the best use of the available resources with the minimum environmental impact. Energy plants are systems in which energy forms are transformed and utilized. To name a few examples: large thermal power stations, air-conditioning and climate control equipment for residences and offices, vehicle engines, airplane propellers, solar panels etc. The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) in Energy Engineering prepares professionals to design, select and use the main technologies in energy transformation, to actively follow scientific improvements and to operate effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context, characterized by significant environmental, regulatory and safety constraints. Students will analyze broad themes as well as specific subjects for which both a rigorous methodological approach to thermodynamics and an open attitude towards related interdisciplinary topics are required.

Professional opportunities

Graduates can find employment in several sectors: in the technical area of designing, testing, running and maintaining the energy systems, like heating and cooling systems, thermal power and hydro-electric power plants, engines, oil and gas fields; in the energy management area; and in utilities and public boards that supply energy as electricity and natural gas.

Piacenza Campus Track (Renewables and Environmental Sustainability)

The Master of Science programme in Renewables and Environmental Sustainability (RES) is taught in English and offers a broad overview of the various technical issues related to energy and the environment. This special programme aims to prepare technicians capable of following and actively directing technological advances, operating effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context.

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More info

GRE test (Graduate Record Examination) is not mandatory but strongly recommended, it can affect your evaluation. It can be provided through ETS DI code 6939 or by sending a scanned copy to Welcome Desk Piacenza (welcome.piacenza(at) within the last day of the application period.

Career opportunities

Graduates find employment in numerous industrial sectors, including industries producing and distributing energy; companies designing and managing thermal, thermal-electric, air-conditioning and refrigeration plant; energy management in companies or institutions with production purposes very different from those of producing energy. The engineer with a Laurea Magistrale can access research and development activities as well as those related to the analysis and design phases of large plants, innovative processes and development of technologically advanced machinery and components.

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